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Moreover, bomb drills are fear spectacles used to instil fear in the government’s people. Daniel’s grades decrease in the text due to a variety of factors, including the bomb drills, “There were periodic drills in the event of nuclear bombs falling.We marched into the hallways where there was no windows, and sat hunched against the wall, head down” (Doctorow 102). The purpose of bomb drills was not designed to prepare students in the event of the dropping of a nuclear bomb. However, if a nuclear bomb were to drop no one would survive, making the drills pointless. These drills designed by the government served the purpose to instil the hatred if the enemy. Men see that their young children are doing frightening bomb drills would potentially want to do anything possible to stop this fear. This spectacle could encourage and provoke men into joining the army to protect the young people of the country. Therefore, fear spectacles are used in war by the government to inspire men and women to join the fight. Additionally, subtle spectacles are used to great effect in Cold Wars as demonstrated by Doctorow. The constant presence of the FBI was a…show more content…
Spectacles are one of the most important tools used in wars. Spectacles in wars are used to both inspire the hearts of people and to fear people into submission. Daniel uses spectacles in his war of the home to scare his wife into submission. The FBI and angry citizens use fear spectacles to attempt to gain power over others the seem as unsavoury. The government uses bomb drills to inspire the citizens to join the fight and hate the enemy. Ascher uses spectacle to try and free the Isaacsons. The media records all spectacle and both inspires and creates fear. This argument is important because one needs to be wary of the purpose behind the spectacles one views. One should analyze spectacles to attempt to be unbiased and make their own informed decision on a

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