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In this age of rapidly advancing technology, the desire for instant gratification has become the norm among the millennials. The phone application called Snapchat is a perfect example of this. It is providing a service we weren't even aware we wanted until it was invented. This seemingly innocuous phone app has grown in popularity so much that it has worked its way into our daily lives. To those who use Snapchat it has become an invaluable part of their social media. Snapchat is essentially a picture and video application. To use it, you simply take a picture or short video and send it out to your friends. The interesting part is that what you upload is only available for a very short time frame. This time frame can be between a single second to as much as ten seconds. Once that time is up, the information is deleted for good. It disappears. This feature is extremely appealing to most people. Snapchat has its origins in a room at Stanford University in 2011. Evan Spiegel developed an app and called it "Picaboo" but later changed the name. The memorable logo of Snapchat was created by an uncredited man named Bobby Murphy. There was a lawsuit in which Murphy sued Spiegel because he…show more content…
The upside to this is that I can keep my friends and extended family current on the goings-on in my life in short little snippets instead of them having to scroll through Facebook or wait for an email. By utilizing this app I can be more spontaneous and can chronicle my life. There is also a downside. Due to my heavy involvement with my Snapchat app, I can get so caught up in it that I kind of zone out of the people who are right in front of me. It's almost addicting due to its easy-to-use format. I use it every day and now have 80 seconds in my stories. Using Snapchat so often can sometimes keep me on the sidelines in some activities because I focus on my shared information instead of

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