Classical Conditioning And Ivan Pavlov's Theory Of Consumer Behavior

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CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR Introduction Theory of learning refers to the conceptual frameworks that describe how knowledge is being absorbed, processed as well as retained during learning. Learning enables people to be able to respond to changes in life effectively. The principles of learning also help individuals when interacting with others and also in learning new languages as well as in buying behavior of consumers. The use of new language requires one to have a strong element of learning which also applies to the knowledge of social custom, ritual as well as beliefs and values that seems to differ from others culture. Family traditions as well as personal histories of practices may influence family members to develop certain skills and expertise in certain fields such as in music or other core curriculum activities. Learning theory was advanced by Darwin. According to Darwinian Theory of evolution,…show more content…
Operant conditioning Classical Conditioning Classical conditioning has been demonstrated by physiologist know as Ivan Pavlov (1849-1939). In the beginning of the 20th century, Ivan Pavlov was conducting a study on the digestive system of dogs where he realized peculiar patterns of dogs salivating. Initially the dogs were only salivating after seeing or smelling the food, but after repeated pairings of the whistle sound to the food, the dogs responded by starting to salivate the moment the whistle was blown because they have associated the whistle sound with the food that was to follow. Pavlov noticed that dogs were salivating when the lab technicians who usually fed them entered the room. He therefore realized a fundamental associative learning process known as classical conditioning. Pavlov learned that the dogs were salivating because the lab technicians were about to feed them. The dogs were associating the arrival of the lab technicians with the food as stimuli because the food followed immediately they appear in the room. Diagram

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