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How Can You Make a Good Peruvian Ceviche? Delicious, fresh and nutritious that is the Ceviche. Today we are going to talk about its history, the utensils needed to prepare it, basic and special ingredients, kinds of ceviche’s, directions and garnishing. But most importantly, how can you make a good Peruvian ceviche? Ceviche is one of the dishes that have greater acceptance in Peru, Latin America and the world. Ceviche’s birthplace is disputed between Peru and Ecuador, and as both countries have an amazing variety of fish and shellfish, the main ingredient of ceviche, it could easily have come from the ancient pre-Inca civilization. Per some historical trends for more than 2,000 years ago, at the time of Moche culture in northern Peru, have a platter that could have been the origin of the current Peruvian ceviche it is prepared. It was a consistent in fresh fish cooked porridge cold (macerated) in citrus fruit juices…show more content…
H) We serve in an oval plate by placing as a base a leaf of romaine lettuce on top of it we serve a portion of ceviche, we place the slice of rocoto on the top, and to the sides we place a piece of Peruvian corn and a piece of sweet potato, and at the side of the plate a cold beer. Kinds of ceviche’s, at present you can make different combinations, which gives rise to different types of ceviche’s for example we have: A) Mixed shrimp ceviche, is the combination of fish ceviche with shrimp (which will be hot water to pre-cook and finished cooking with lemon juice) that will have cut in halves and to decorate themselves place one or two shrimp cut into a butterfly. B) Mixed ceviche of fish and seafood, all kinds of seafood are passed through hot water and cut before adding to the lemon

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