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I & S Name : Ali Muhammad Imran Class : MYP 2 Synopsis from Mahmud Ghaznavi till Aurangzeb The elder son of Sabuktagin, Mahmud of Ghazni assumed the throne in 997 AD. They came from the turkey and they were the turks. He was very conscious of the wealth he could achieve from further conquests into India. He was also a religious fanatic who aimed to spread Islam. Mahmud is said to have invaded India seventeen times between 1001 -1027 AD. King Jaipal and later his son Anandpal resisted Mahmud but were defeated. Between 1009 A.D and 1026 A.D he invaded Kangra, Thaneshwar, Kanauj, Mathura, Gwalior, Kashmir and Punjab. In 1025 A.D Mahmud invaded Somnath and looted its temple on the coast of Saurashtra or Kathiwar. Enormous treasure of the fortified…show more content…
Alludin defeated Mongols many times he also conqured most of the India. In 1305 A.D. Alauddin Khilji captured many of the places likeMalwa, Ujjain, Mandu, Dhar and Chanderi but failed to capture Bengal.From these invasion Allauddin Khilji learnt the lessons of keeping himself prepared, by fortifying and organizing his armed forces.Allaudin Khilji died in 1316 A.D. After him more son and grandsons came from Khilji but they did not conquered much of them and they didnit get the tittle Sultan and then Gayasuddin Tughluq came starte the tughluq dynasty In 1320, Ghazi Tughlaq, the governor of the northwestern provinces took the throne under the title Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq after killing Khusru Khan. In 1325 the Sultan met an accidental death and was succeeded by his son Muhammad bin Tughlaq. He change the capital from Dehli to Devagiri and he conqured Peshawar , Madurai and Sindh and in two years the capital was turn back from Devagiri to Dehli. Muhaammad also made copper and brace coins and tokensand then he died in1351 while conquring…show more content…
Behlol Lodhi who was in service during Khizr Khan rule founded the Lodhi dynasty.Behlol Lodhi was an Afghan and claimed as Sultan in 1451 Ad. After than when he died his son sikandar lodhi com back and rule and take the tittle Sultan back He brought Gwalior and Bihar under his rule. He was a religious fanatic but encouraged education and trade. His military skill helped him in bringing the Afghan nobles under his control. Sikandar lodhi was a successor of Ibrahim lodhi He was the greatest ruler of Lodhis and he also got the tittle Sultan he came to the throne and was a very powerful ruler . his rulation with Afghan was very worse and that s why he led several conflicts with it. The Afghans chief led Babur ruled the capital Kabul. Babur was a decendent of Timur and Genghis Khan and he came from North West. Daulat Lodhi invited him at dinner in Lahore and he came in Sub Continent. Babar with only 10,000 men faced Ibhrahim Lodhi with 100,000 men in the battle of 1st Panipat and Babur win the war and in that war the cannons was used first time in Subcontinent. Babur founded and started the Mughal Dynasty in 1526 AD. Babar had a strong conqured in Agra in India. Babur's Empire extended from Bhera and Lahore to Bahraich and Bihar and

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