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4FOOD: BURGERS GO SOCIAL 1. What was the concept 4Food using to market its services and how did it implement? 4Food focussed on driving its business using social networking platform. They wanted to pioneer in creating a vast social networking experience for the entire customers. The restaurant has a prime location, which is basically at the corner of Madison Avenue, where they have displayed a massive screen in which the monitor constantly streams tweets, restaurant information and Foursquare check in. This was one way in which they could get maximum attention at a large scale. They also focussed on inviting various customers and potential customers to participate in the social networking sites that would promote not only their restaurants,…show more content…
It’s a promoytional gimmick which invites customer satisfaction. 4Food also uses social media to promote its “De-Junk NYC” campaign which is primarily focussed on promoting various innovative ideas. Another creative initiate of theirs was that the customers were invited to make their own recipe from the variety of ingredients available and also encouraged them to give innovative names. If another customer orders that item, then the inventor is to get $.25 in-store credit. This way, 4Food is providing various low cost incentive measures for large number of customers to actively promote their restaurant. They also generate word of mouth buzz with minimal expenditure and share the success of the business with its…show more content…
Customers were given various incentives that stimulates them to take part in the various activities. For 4 share has its own facebook page, and tagging yourself in that makes to eligible to win an Ipad. 4Food also offer s$20 worth of food to whoever is the first one to tweet a picture of himself or herself in front of the restaurants tag wall, which is basically a promotional gimmick such that a wall is placed in front of the restaurant inviting people to write tweets using Magic Marker. Another creative and innovative method that invites participation was that customers were given an opportunity to invent their own dishes. There were variety of ingredients available from which millions of recipes could be formed. They were also encouraged to give their inventions creative names. If someone buys that dish the inventor get s $.25 in-store credit. This is an opportunity for people with a large number of followers as they can continuously promote their inventions and can probably earn free burgers for the rest of their

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