Endocrine Disruptors Case Study

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7 Unexpected Places Endocrine Disruptors are LurkingEndocrine disruptors cause major problems in your body, so you do your best to avoid them. You buy organic foods, thoroughly wash your produce before eating it, and clean your home with "green" cleaners. These are great steps, but there are unexpected places endocrine disruptors may be lurking. Keep reading to learn where they are hiding and how to avoid them. What are Endocrine Disruptors? Endocrine disruptors (or ED for short) are chemicals that block or mimic our natural hormones - havoc for the delicate natural balance of our body. ED's have already been linked to fertility problems, autoimmune disease, and certain types of cancer. You can learn more about endocrine disruptors here…show more content…
But you only put them on my skin, right? You don't ingest them. The ingredients still get into your body, even though you don't ingest them. Think about a birth control patch or a nicotine patch - they work by absorption through the skin. "The patch begins to work immediately..." Do you still think what we put on our skin just stays on your skin? Just how much gets absorbed is still under scrutiny. You can read differing views here and here. Avoid common endocrine disruptors in personal care items like alcohols, parabens, DEA, MEA, TEA, ureas, petroleum, glycols, sulphates, phthalates and phosphates. Pick the product with the most impact first, such as lotion you use over your entire body. I made the transition to natural products a few at a time. So let's say you start with lotion. It's tricky and confusing. Claims of natural and organic products - yet they still have sneaky and questionable ingredients. My favorite store-bought brands are Burt's Bees, Nature's Gate and Babybanics. I make all my personal care items - but it took years to get here. I have slowly made the transition to all homemade…show more content…
It gives me a foamy lather and keeps my hair touchably soft. Through trial and error I've come up with a recipe I love - and my hair loves too. Cosmetics and beauty products Along the same lines as personal care items, cosmetics are absorbed by our skin.7 Unexpected Places Endocrine Disruptors May be Lurking - Cosmetics Take nail polish for example. Did you know most nail polish contains formaldehyde (the same stuff them embalm dead bodies with)? I talk more about nail polish I use in this article. Anti-aging creams and potions sound great. Yet the ingredients are not tested for safety. The American Cancer Society States: Very little information is available on long-term health impacts of most cosmetic ingredients or cosmetic products. Source: American Cancer Society But they do testing don't they? If they are tested, it is typically for irritation or allergic reactions. For drugs, the FDA requires that new products be shown to be safe and effective before they are allowed to be sold. This is not the case for cosmetics. Although the FDA requires that cosmetics be safe, it does not have the authority to require companies to test their cosmetic products (except some color additives) before they are put on the market. Source: American Cancer

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