The Pros And Cons Of Prenatal Pregnancy

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Prenatal testing is a diagnostic testing done on pregnant mother during their early stages of pregnancy. The aim of such test is to predict and asses the probability of an abnormal pregnancy. Every parent wants their child to live normally and happily but this is not the case for every pregnancy. Every pregnancy is precious, vulnerable and fragile. This is because the period of pregnancy is the time taken for fetus to develop normally and every small thing has potential to cause problems during pregnancy. Maternal age for one is an important factor in deciding whether the fetus would be normal or abnormal l[1]. Researchers found that with increase in maternal during pregnancy has correlation with the risks of having abnormal fetus[15]. That…show more content…
First is the invasive methods that include amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS). Both methods basically involved taking the fetal sample as close as possible to the source. Amniocentesis will be carried out between 15th to 17th weeks or pregnancy and the sample taken comes from the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus[2]. The aspirated amniotic fluid then will be cultured and undergo several tests in accordance to the health professionals’ goals. CVS on the other hand can be carried out in the 11th to 12th week of pregnancy[3]. The test cannot be carried out earlier due to limb abnormalities associated with CVS. These two methods are the standard method used in prenatal diagnosis. Even though new technologies are emerging, these two could be regarded as standard procedure in many hospitals worldwide. Other than these methods, placental biopsy and cordocentesis also regarded as invasive method. Placental biopsy is basically CVS done in later stages of pregnancy while cordocentesis is the method of taking samples umbilical vein and used in test that involved rhetal disease or other blood disease. This method is useful for late pregnancy where the results could be obtained in 5 days compared to amniocentesis that required almost two weeks to get the

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