Short Story: The Story Of Muangling Lin's Story

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A long time ago, in the sunny mountains of Pekín, in china, there was the big temple from the royal family. In the royal family, there was a princess, and the only one. Her name was Muangling Lin, and she was a beautiful princess, with very white skin, a shiny black hair and rosie chics and lips. The only problem of her was that she was very rude. She treated her sirvients and subjects very bad. When Muangling was 17 years olds, she had to get married for becoming a queen. She wanted the prince more rich and powerful in all Asia. so she decided to marrie one of the most riches people in China, his name was Huan Yue. On her wedding day she went with her punished but loyal sirvient."Shin! I want to look at the floor and see my beautiful…show more content…
Years later, Akame was 17 years old. All day, she went to the secret city to the red temple to prayed for fortune.All Ulambanas , or ancestors day, her family give to the cemetery most of they're money for fortune, even that Akamame EMI thought it was crazy.One day, she started to think of why she was poor, of what she did wrong.In a night , she had a dream with the Buddha. "I'm here for answering your questions. Your life is like this because you were a very bad princess. You treated your people so badly that I didn´t have more choice than give you a bad life.But if you want to get back your good life, you will have to do 5 things.Number one is get a job in the castle. Number two is when you have enough money, you have to give it to the sirvients you treated so bad, including the cook. number three is to be friend of the queen Shin. Four is to find true love and five is have a family and other work. After the dream, Akame woke up and took her stuff and went to the castle.After that she got a job.Months later, she had enough money for giving it to her subjects.She went with the cook and she was on the dungeon.Instead of giving that money, she used it to take her of…show more content…
"What do you want!" she exclaimed."Sorry for interrupting, but I need to tell you something.I meet a girl that had a very good life.She treated people horrible and then she died.After she become a very poor , ugly girl,"Akame narrated.Shin started to remember Muangling Lin."I'm so sorry!"Shin said while she was crying. One day Akame went to visit her family. Then she stumbled with a man."Sorry!" she told him very shy. "Thats okay, do you know where the family Mei live?" he asked. "Actually my name is Akame Mei, let me show you," She respond."Thank you!" he said. When the two get in the house, her mom looked at them very happy."Akame, he is Taka, one of the powerful people in Pekín.He is here to help us with our money!"Akame's mom explained.After a long time, Taka and Akame fell in love. 2 years later he asked her for her to be his wife. Time later, Akame did the fifth thing, get a husband,and children . She dreamed with Buddha again. "See how you learned a lesson. By doing that 5 things now you have a good life. You fix your dharma and now you are happy.Next time I want to see your effort again," he told her very

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