Married Women Misconceptions

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Married Women Through the years there are many stereotypes and misconceptions that have been passed down from generation to generation that have affected the roles in a marriage. Stereotypes have developed from having some truth ,but that truth being exaggerated to a certain point. Misconceptions are the result of creating stereotypes towards groups of people that is based on untruths. Both stereotypes and misconceptions is how people view each other or as said “put into a category”. Whether it's someone's race, religion, the color of their hair or simply the style of clothes worn, there is a group one will be assumed to be apart of. It’s not of what is taken from getting to know a person, but of what he/she is assumed to be like. Even in the…show more content…
According to Our Everyday Lives online article, Traditional Gender Roles In Marriage, Lindsay Pietroluongo explains, “ Traditionally, the wife works a part-time or full-time job until she has children; at that point, she leaves behind her job or career to stay at home and raise her kids.” With the history of women playing the role of the nurturer, now centuries later this role of nurturer is shared between the husband and wife. With all the time passed, the image once known for women is being stereotyped everyday. The truth is women may be natural nurturers, however there is more to life than to give up ones dream to take care of a family. Not all women are meant to stay home to satisfy others. Husbands have traded roles because more women are now working outside of the home to share in the financial responsibilities when maintaining a household. Also, because more women have sought careers outside of the…show more content…
It was a constant wonder why in books and movies the mother and wife of the household would not work and schedule her life around the needs of the family. My mom had a dream to live out and the real role for her was to provide for us. When it came to the point of understanding why I never experienced having the “perfect family”, it was because once upon a time that was the only role women were to do. Although staying home to take care of my brother and sisters and I was never an option, it never was a problem to show us how to be respectful, eat with your mouth closed or even to always say please and thank you. Having a job, going to school and having to take care of a family and a home in a matter of a normal day was always a struggle but nothing could come in the way of giving a life to us better than what she experienced. With my mom having the ability to stay home, I wouldn't have the life I have now. Even when it came to keeping the house clean with three kids always making a mess, we learned at a young age to start picking up after ourselves. The house wasn’t always clean, but it was never our moms job to do everything for

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