Mark Twain Influence On Huckleberry Finn

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Influenced by his wife and surrounding culture Mark Twain's wrote the adventures Of Huckleberry Finn with the theme of anti slavery and equality. Twain's huckleberry Finn is about forming friendships and adventures shared by mischievous boy huckleberry berry Finn and run away slave Jim. Together they depend upon on each other and form an inseparable bond while pursuing freedom along the Mississippi River. During his novel Mark Twain stresses all men are equal and slavery is an evil practice. In order to strengthen the impact of the scene Mark Twain cleverly used the characters setting and plot of the novel. The author was born Samuel L Clemens on November 30, 1835 in Florida, Missouri and was the sixth of seven children. During his life he spent numerous summers at his uncle's farm where he played in the slave quarters.He wrote newspapers taking up his pen name Mark Twain for the first time. In his eventful life Mark twain has much experience with slaves, life near the mississippi…show more content…
In this classic story he mold two main characters to aid with the presenting of his theme. The first main character and protagonist is huckleberry berry Finn, he is a young boy who has a low position in society, Finn makes good decisions but still occasionally does the mischievous acts of a teen. Hucks motivation to travel down the mississippi river is to escape his father's grasp, but after bounding with Jim , Huck is driven to help Jim achieve freedom. Hucks actions mainly affect jim during the story for example jim was sent back to be sold off into slavery, but because of hucks persistence jim was set free with the help of Tom Sawyer. Huck is a round character in other words; huck experiences a mental growth as the story progresses. Huck uses the N word but does does not agree with the idea of slavery. Huck realizes through his journey that “all men are

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