Winston Churchill's 'We Shall Fight On The Beaches'

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Literary Analysis on “We Shall Fight on the Beaches” Winston Churchill’s speech, We Shall Fight on the Beaches included several wondering pieces of rhetoric. Churchill’s rhetoric was characterised by its dramatic language and delivery. The way Churchill delivered his speeches was too advanced, thus hard to understand, however, it was able to portray Churchill’s intellectual status. In this powerful speech, Churchill’s rhetoric was able to keep downtrodden people in Britain together, encourage British to not give up, and lead the final victory over the Nazis. One of the rhetorics Winston Churchill used in his speech was repetition. The purpose of repetition is usually to emphasis on the subject in hand, create mood, and set an atmosphere.…show more content…
In the speech, he said, “we [Churchill and all the other British people] must be very careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory” (pp.3) and “the whole root and core and brain of the British Army, on which and around which we were to build, and are to build, the great British Armies in the later years of the war, seemed about to perish upon the field or to be led into an ignominious and starving captivity” (pp.2). By using we as the subject, Churchill really narrowed the social distance and status gap between himself and the audience, in which enabled him to unite the British people for the same common goal. In Churchill’s We Shall Fight on the Beaches, he reminded the British people that the amount of people evacuated at Dunkirk during World War II by stating “The Navy, using nearly 1,000 ships of all kinds, carried over 335,000 men, French and British, out of the jaws of death and shame, to their native land and to the tasks which lie immediately ahead” (pp.3). As a result, he reminded the British people that “Wars are not won by evacuations” (pp.3). Since wars are not won by evacuations, their common goal was to not defeat the Nazis by evacuations but win

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