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Lady Macbeth Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, is one of his many tragedies. It focuses on Macbeth thane of Glamis, and his rise to power as king, then inevitable demise. Although Macbeth is the main character, his wife Lady Macbeth is who we will be focusing on. Lady Macbeth gave Macbeth the nerve to go through with the deed of killing the king and motivated him to stay strong. While Lady Macbeth kept him strong, she herself went insane and committed suicide. Lady Macbeth wanted to be powerful, she wanted control and to be looked upon with respect. She wanted to be queen. She was so willing to have what she wanted that she asked for the greatest mental strength she could hold. Throughout the play you see her slowly becoming more devious, more evil. All in order to become more and more powerful.When she finally got that power she worked herself into the ground trying to keep it. Holding secrets the best she could, dealing with tremendous grief. Throughout the entire play the…show more content…
After she assisted in the murder of the king and the framing of his guards, the grief was piling up. Dreaming about blood spots on her hands that were in fact not even there to begin with. Her mental health was declining tremendously for what she had done. A servant in her house called a doctor to witness her getting up and in her sleep, confessing to the murders and attempt to wash off a blood stain that she was so persistent that was there and must wash.Found in Act 5 Scene 1. “Out damned spot! Out, I say! One. Two. Why, then ‘tis time to do ‘t. Hell is murky.” This only showed us a bit of her grief. Eventually it becomes too much to deal with and Lady Macbeth takes her own life. Not so much as phasing Macbeth her once loving husband. He himself being driven mad for what the two had done in order to gain more power. In their greed for anything they could get their hands on they put a kingdom to ruins along with their

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