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Ritchie Per.1 10/18/15 Marie Antoinette Was Marie Antoinette a good or bad queen? To begin with, Marie Antoinette was actually a good queen. Reasons being because she cared about her people, she helped others in need, and also abolished segregated dining spaces in Versailles. Although Marie Antoinette was criticized a lot, she did a pretty good job being a queen; even though she was only 14 at the start and had very little experience. Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 in the Hofburg palace. At age 14, Marie Antoinette became queen of France and after being queen, she started caring more about her people instead of just herself. For example, one day, she had her carriage stopped to aid an injured postilion (horseman driving a carriage). She then insisted that the injured man be carried on a stretcher and followed him to make sure he received proper treatment. Furthermore, when she came across a peasant winemaker who was stabbed by a stag during a royal hunt she had the man placed in her own coach. She then had arrangements made to compensate for his…show more content…
In the beginning when Marie Antoinette was queen, she adopted a poor peasant child named Armand after he was hit by her carriage. She gave money to his entire family as well as providing one of his brothers with music lessons. Later on, she adopted a girl named Ernestine who was the daughter of one of her servants. She was dressed and treated the same way her own daughter was. Zoé was also another one of her adopted children who was an orphan when she was taken in by Marie Antoinette. She lived with the royal family in the Tuileries. The last child that Marie Antoinette adopted was a young boy who was brought back from Senegal by the Chevalier de Bouffler. Instead of taking him into service she had him baptized and named Jean

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