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Marriage of Marie Antoinette (Start with fun facts) It took 7 years for Marie Antoinette and Luis the 16th to consummate their marriage (consummate means to fulfil). This is probably the most controversial fun fact of Marie Antoinette so far is that she never said ‘’ Let them eat cake.’’(not a lot of evidence to support she said it). Final fun fact is that the U.S. has a city named after her. Does anyone know what state? The state of Ohio has a city named after her and the city is called Marietta. The reason why they have a state named after her, because it was a thank you type of thing to France for their help in the war against Britain. It is really not that fun being Marie Antoinette (ignoring the fact that Marie Antoinette…show more content…
While Luis the 16th spend his time ignoring Marie Antoinette, Marie Antoinette was living the life of a queen like engaging in wine tastings and enjoying flowers and chocolate and spending her time in fashion. And while we continue to hate Luis the 16th, Luis the 16th wasn’t really a party type of person he would like to read a good book by the fire place in a quiet fashion. In this quote it describes Marie Antoinette in this certain good/bad manner, ‘’Marie Antoinette’s complexion was her best feature, the dazzling white skin and wonderful natural color offsetting the less fortunate ‘Austrian lips’. But her undeveloped figure… was somewhat of a disappointment, even if it had to be admitted that it was satisfactory enough for her age. In general, the king’s verdict on the dauphine was spontaneous and a little childish. (p.77)’’ In this quote it is clearly talking about how her features are, either in a good or bad manner. This quote helps in marriage because it is describing some things that is attractive about her that would help win over Luis the 16th. In addition to that quote, research shows that her skinny body comes from her love of dance and

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