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Marie Antoinette’s first child was born in the Versailles December 19, 1778. When it was her time to head into labor, she was forced to endure the humiliation of a public birth in front of hundreds of people. Screaming and moaning in front of people wasn’t the nicest way to deliver a baby. Her first child was christened Marie-Therese-Charlotte. She was then referred as madam royal. Many hated the child because she was a girl and everyone desired the first born to be a boy. BUT Marie did not care about the peoples comment. She said, "You shall be mine; you shall have my undivided care; you will share all my happiness and you will alleviate my sufferings. AS much love and affection she showed, she wasn’t the greatest mother. To start with, after her other three children were born Louis-Joseph, Dauphin born in 1781, Louis-Charles, Duke of Normandy in 1785 and Sophie-Beatrix in 1786, she developed a childish personality. For example, Marie would constantly party. Drinking and getting wasted wasn’t the image for a mother of four. In fact, many believed that Marie had an affair with another…show more content…
For example, instead of the children receiving gifts, the children exchanged there gifts for blankets and baskets of food and gave em to the poor. In addition, Marie adopted three poor children to be raised with her own, as well overseeing the upbringing of several needy children, whose education she paid for, while caring for their families. She brought several peasant families to live on her farm at Trianon, building cottages for them. There was food for the hungry distributed every day at Versailles, at the King’s command. This set great examples to her 4 main children. AS a mother Marie made sure all of her children and her adopted children got all the education they needed. Marie didn’t care how much it cost all she cared is that her children got the right

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