Gerais Informative Speech

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Introduction I. Open with Impact: The Minas Gerais State has become one of the most well-respected States in Brazil due to its cultural events, Carnaval, its unique foods. How many of you enjoys an exotic and delicious dish? (Pauses) Well, I am over here to inform about a Brazilian dish that has taken over the world! I guarantee that by the end of this speech you will probably have watery mouth and will be ready to savor this unique dish. II. Thesis Statement: Some of the most famous dishes from Brazil are called Feijoada, Churrasco Brasileiro (Brazilian BBQ), Churros and Pizzas with toppings, and even Açai. Although this may be true to nature, the Pão de Queijo dish is yet to be considered one of the most respected dish from Brazil.…show more content…
Minas Gerais cultural & historical events B. Pão de Queijo history and how to prepare C. The Pão de Queijo after effects and where it has gone to. Body I. Main Point: A. Minas Gerais is one of the biggest and most rich State in the Brazilian territory. B. Not only are they rich in gold and precious rocks such as diamonds, pink sapphires, and emeralds, but they are also rich in food, café, and historical events. C. According to the Minas Gerais Government website, before the State of Minas Gerais became famous for its natural resources and religious historical events, they were an unpopular State. Historical events such as the enslavement activities, the hunt for the precious jewels by digging mines and tunnels, and the expansion of the city of Ouro Preto throughout the Portuguese men and kings taking over the State, have taken place and made the State of Minas Gerais famous. (Transition: So now that you guys have a small understanding about the State of Minas Gerais, I will be explaining about their famous and delicious dish called Pão de Queijo that has taken most people by their feet.) II. Main

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