Poverty In The Philippines

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A nation is compose of different regions, provinces, cities, municipalities, and even barangays especially in the Philippines. The Philippines is experiencing poverty since then and the government officials can't come up with a good solutions to eradicate this kind of problem. Sometimes they have a plan to lessen this problem but it is not suitable for the whole nation that's why the problem remains to the country. According to the PSA or Philippine Statistics Office (2016) the poverty incidence among Filipino families based on the first visit of 2015 FIES was estimated at 21.1 percent during the first semester of 2015. All of us have different definition of poverty but in simple words poverty is the incapability of having or supporting their…show more content…
In educatiom, the child's performance in school is affected by the poverty. In child development, a child learn poor health behaviors and are more susceptible to mental illness. In crime, a poor individual is more likely engage in violence. In low social mobility, a poor child is more likely to grow up to be poor. Lastly, extra social spending is when adults are unable to meet their potential in society, they contribute less productively to the economy. The poverty in the Philippines according to Balon (2014) has different effect like malnutrition especially for children, poor economic growth, child labor, bad living conditions, and crime or theft. The vicious cycles of poverty mean that lifelong handicaps and troubles that are passed on from one generation to another and to name just a few of these hereditary plagues: no school or education, child labor to help the parents, lack of basic hygiene and transmission of diseases ( Berrebi, 2011). Sison (2008)/in Philippine Star stated that there are many other causes for the present alarming increase in the crime rate than just poverty and economic hardship people are presently undergoing. It has been reported that the personal cost of living in poverty can have the following impacts: becoming isolated from family and friends, lacking hope and feeling…show more content…
Poverty is said to be the incapability of sustaining the basic needs of an individual to his/her daily life. Poverty is also consider as caused by unemployment, ill health, disability and improper manage of the government official in the community. It can affect the lives of the family in the community especially the children who can't continue studying because of poverty, the old individual who are prone to sickness and other health reasons where can be easily acquire by poor families because of the lack of proper hygiene and more rate of violence and crime in the community. Crime are defined by an illegal act where and individual is disobeying the law of a place or country and will be punished by imprisonment or fine to the authority. From the definition of crime it is connected to the poverty where a poor individual or family is introduce to an illegal act like stealing things and robbery to just provide their daily needs in order to sustain life. Lacking of available job can also trigger an individual to do an illegal acts to fill their stomach who was captured and abused by the

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