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Intro: The ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates was put on trial for impiety and corrupting the youth. He has been sentenced to death for his crimes in a few days when a ship arrives back to Athens. Crito, one of his friends, argues with Socrates by telling him he should escape from prison. Socrates was reluctant to escape because of his own personal beliefs. Narration: As Crito is arguing with Socrates about escaping prison, he tells Socrates that he thinks it would be unjust to just subject and throw his life away. Crito also tells him that it would make him and his other friends look bad to the eyes of others because it would seem like they didn’t do anything to help Socrates. Crito mentions Socrates’ family, with sons he still has to raise.…show more content…
Although staying in prison would have Socrates ending up dead because of his charges. And people may say things about him, it was for the best that he doesn’t attempt to escape. Socrates thought that if he escapes, then the law system of Athens won’t have structure anymore. Other people will then think that it’s okay to break the law and it will no longer be respected. Its unjust to break the law and destroy that unity. Crito worries about the opinions of others, but Socrates doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions other than wise people since they’re the only ones who will understand Socrates’…show more content…
Someone may explain that if Socrates escapes he then gets to keep his life. He gets to live and continue to think about philosophy again. His friends would be happy by the fact he is alive too, like Crito and Plato. Citizens of Athens will also look down upon Socrates, saying that he is a coward for not doing anything and giving his life up. Another example of what someone may say is that if Socrates stays in jail, he will die and there will be no one to help raise his sons. Socrates’ sons were in their teenage years at this point, but still had much to learn from a father figure. Many of these things matter to Socrates in some way, but Socrates had much different views on life than

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