Cattle Drive Monologue

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Need something to do at night out on the range, from tonight forward, I’m going to start putting the thoughts in my head down on paper. We’ve been out on the range now for five weeks. We have our coffee and we have a chew. We have been working as hard as we can. For the last two days we have been branding the cattle none stop trying to get all the new cattle branded and check out to make sure they are growing right. Got my old stud tied to a branch got the saddle off and I am leaning up on it looking at the stars got whiskey on my breath and a blond haired blued eyed girl on my mind that I left back in the last town. I might have been able to make her mine but I had my work to do and money to be made so that one day I can settle down with a girl like her out in the country and raise a little family. But night is a falling and I got to get some shut eye before the day light breaks and we do it all over again in the morning. 3/16/1919

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