Kidnapdragons: A Gothic Short Story

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The great Gothic mansion stood in the center of a lush, deciduous forest, hedged by a beautiful, almost chaotic garden which covered the area in a honey-like perfume. A large, aged willow cloaked in deep blue wisteria vines shaded much of the foliage below, its boughs tugged along by a playful zephyr. Cerulean lupines and violet foxgloves appeared to be caught in an endless waltz, seemingly unaware of the prying eyes of the snapdragons who watched them jealously from afar. A bed of forget-me-nots napped in the sunlight, tucked cozily around a lovely green bush adorned by camellias with shy, pink faces. Thick clusters of ivy hung off the tapered, navy-colored roofs and towers like blankets draped lazily over a chair. The edifice itself was

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