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An observation on the smokers in our college In the woods they go. They start with the stony path and get into woods like they never have to come back. They enjoy every moment with the smell of woods and the wet leafs all over. They have their own fireworks carried with them to blow up their own satisfaction. Boys are entertaining the girls to their fullest just to please them; they stay up for an hour or two talking about their lives and their experiences. They call it making new friends, building up their social relationship and having a strong bond with each other. Making a round having their own lighted up smokes and stories they have or what they did the whole day in their own respective classes. People may see what they do as a deviant act but for them that’s how they enjoy their life. I was born in a Buddhist family where I was always taught that anything harmful to your health or for your life is not good to try. I was never restricted in anything I did as I had a very liberal parents compare to my friends. I was always…show more content…
I thought they would get offended and probably say to go back to where I came from but they actually took it in a very positive manner and cooperated with me. They were such nice people that they understood my situation and accepted me with them. But the only request they did was not to reveal their names and I promised them to use pseudonyms for each of them. Guy named Rabgay started with we also smoke in the academic toilets as we have no other choice. We don’t get enough time to go out of the campus and be back, so we smoke in the toilets. We also smoke in our rooms as we are “chain smokers” so we need to smoke late nights so we can’t help it and smoke in our rooms. It was very fun to talk with them know their stories, though some had sad ones like divorced parents, domestic violence and low family background that were the reason they went into drugs and

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