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How to Make Customer Loyalty in Hospitality Industry Many people has been asking what is the secret to getting the loyalty from the customers in their hospitality business and a lot of people has been discussing for the answer of it. We all know that hospitality is concerned with the provision of accommodation and catering (food and beverage) service for guest. It also refer to reception and entertainment of travelers, the way they are treated by industry employees (with empathy, kindness, and friendliness), and an overall concern for the traveler’s well-being and satisfaction. (Mok, Sparks , & Kadampully, 2013) Base from the definition of hospitality industry, we can deduce that hospitality industry is very depending on the amount and demand…show more content…
That is why is very important for hospitality industry to build customer loyalty so they can maintain and have a big profit for their business. In this sophisticated life, there are many way to make our customer come back and be loyal to our business. In my opinion, service the most essence factors to engage the customer, but we also have to understand the condition of the marketing environment and your competitors. Having relationship with the customer is also very necessary for finding and keeping customers. Moreover, by having relationship with customers we can gain more information about our customer needs and wants. Another thing to remember and it is also important is we have to learn to handling problems if something goes wrong. By practicing all things above, I hope we can easily reach the customer…show more content…
Current marketing environment are more difficult than in the past, because of the increasing number of competitors and customer choices. It also more dangerous because of the operating within a global economy can mean unseen consequences (Doole, Lancaster, & Lowe, 2005) . Competitors in the hospitality world very strict and have a very high pressure today, hospitality industry need to understand what their competitors are achieving by knowing how good are your competitors products and services, and knowing the latest trend that can improving your business in hospitality

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