Public Policy In India

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Public Policy In India India is a country with heterogeneous social, cultural, political, economic & ethnic composition. Alongside it, varied political parties at intervals the federal polity exert influence on policy formulation & implementation. Policy framers of Asian nation have to be compelled to take into account the demographic issue of the country, agricultural base, rising industrial prospects, constitutional spirit of commonwealth &various pressures emanating from completely different sections of the society. Role of the parliament Parliamentary sort of the government in Republic of India consists of 3 major wings- legislative , executive & judiciary. The prime minister together with his cabinets is entrusted with the responsibilities…show more content…
however if any policy framed by the state legislative assembly contravenes the laws of the union , the policy of the state won't be enforced. At the native level, panchayats, municipalities & inside their restricted autonomy. officers at every level execute such policy & offer adequate inputs in formulating policy. In the prime ministerial sort of government, the prime minister heads the government & the cabinets is that the main arch behind the functioning of the prime ministerial sort of government. In Republic of India the cabinets plays a polar role in policy formulation. All selections concerning domestic & policy square measure taken by the cabinets. All necessary appointments square measure created by the cabinets. the cabinets secretariat appraises the government activities to the president & vice- president. it's the duty of the cabinets secretariat to watch the implementation of policy directives of the cabinets. The prime ministers secretariat came into existence in 1947, & it became became called the prime ministers workplace ( PMO) since 1977. Since then, the PMO became the facility center for the country’s governance. The PMO plays a good role within the overall functioning of the prime minister. The importance of the PMO was noticeable throughout the prime-minister ship of solon & Rajiv…show more content…
each legislative assembly &government cannot perform their duties effectively with out the assistance of bureaucracy. bureaucracy exerts influence on the method of policy formulation & policy government alike. bureaucracy helps the legislative assembly by activity adequate information & info for framing policy within the right direction. By virtue of the involvement of bureaucracy within the method of policy formulation & execution, it's enriched with varied aspects of policy. consequently, they will counsel the legislative assembly & government regarding positive & negative aspects of policies. They conjointly analyses totally {different |completely different}|completely different} policies from different policies from different views on long run & short term basis. Their analytical framework helps the government to create, alter &modification policy in tune with specific wants & demands of the society. Increasing pressure on legislative assembly compels the government to share their policy formulation with alternative wings. The parliament attributable to time constraints & volume of labor, further as alternative technical issues, delegate a number of its functions to bureaucracy. bureaucracy having skilled & technical information per bureaucracy this task expertly. Besides it's the capability to tackle unforeseen contingencies. In Republic of India bureaucracy is gaining ground each in powers &

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