Low Level Panic Analysis

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Low Level Panic is a play written by Clare McIntyre and it was first published in 1990 with her other play called My Heart’s a Suitcase. On the contrary, this play was first performed on 11th February 1988 at the Royal Court Theatre, London, directed by Nancy Meckler and in association with the Women’s Playhouse Trust. Therefore, this play was performed before being published. The tittle of this play reflects the panic felt by the women for sexual assault, men and pornography. This play was also adapted to television in 1994. Clare McIntyre, born in 1952, was an actress, playwright and also wrote for television and for the radio. She studied drama in Manchester and, after that, started working as an actress with the Nottingham Playhouse’s Theatre-in-education…show more content…
She appears two or three times during the play and she only talks about skin, taking care of oneself and how the shadows can make every girl happy. She meets a guy in the party and, at the end of the play, she goes out with him. She is the only one of the three girls that does not have problems with men or, at least, she does not complain about them. This play seems to be normal in style, but it is seen a little bit of comedy in the story. McIntyre’s style and type of language, which is the typically used by women, is free and, with that language, she reflects the things that a woman can think without self-censorship. This play succeeded because of the complexity of its characters and their relationship with themselves and with each other, and also because shows how women are constantly objectified by men in different aspects: the first aspect would be the porn that, as it is seen in the first scene, is made for men’s satisfaction and, in the pornographic magazine there is no a picture of any men. The second aspect in which women are objectified by men is seen in the scene six: the advertising, the poster that Mary describes, in which there is a woman posing with bikini and being held by a

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