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With all the many drinks in the world we can all refer to the ancient beverages of coffee and tea. Both drinks have spread to all parts of America as well as other countries. Each of them originates from a form of a plant. They are known for their rich taste and brown color. Both mainly served as a hot beverage, but can be iced or chilled. Even though coffee and tea are distinctly different drinks they both have a story of how they were discovered, levels of caffeine and must be prepared before drinking. Coffee and tea have been around for many years and both have wise tales of how they were discovered. Ethiopia is the original home of the coffee plants. In the southwestern highlands in Ethiopia, there is a place called Kaffa where the…show more content…
Coffee starts out as red cherries on the tree. In most countries, the crop is picked by hand in a labor-intensive and difficult process, though in places like Brazil, where the landscape is relatively flat the process has been mechanized. Next, the freshly picked cherries are simply spread out on wide surfaces to dry in the sun. After the beans have dried, they go through testing to make sure they are the right size, weight, and color. If the coffee beans passed their test, they roast at 550 degrees Fahrenheit, which turns the green coffee bean a rich brown color that we are all familiar with. The coffee bean is then ground, packaged, and sent to stores worldwide for consumers to enjoy. On the other hand, tea is almost always harvested by hand because it is a delicate process that is difficult to do quickly for fear of damaging the leaves. The first step after the leaves are harvested, is withering. Withering is drying the tea leaves; the goal of withering is to reduce the water content by 50-70%. After the leaves are withered, they undergo some sort of bruising process. This means the leaves are rolled, twisted, or otherwise crushed. The purpose of this step is to break down cell walls in the leaf, for the next step oxidation. Oxidation is the process where the tea leaves turn to a brownish color. The tea leaves are heated and then left to dry for the second time. After it's dried the tea is ready to

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