Louise Mallard's Death

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Life and Death Freedom is only truly achieved on your deathbed. “The Story in an Hour” is a short story written by Kate Chopin in 1894. In the story, the entire plot took place in one hour. When Louise Mallard’s sister comes home with the devastating news of her husband's death something is different. Even though the tragedy came as a shock to Louise she wasn’t upset about it. Once she is alone and looking at life outside her apartment she realizes that she is free from her husband. Mrs. Mallard struggles with the fact that she shouldn’t be happy with her husband's death. She knows that it is not normal to react to death how she did. Mrs. Mallard starts to develop guilt over the happiness that she has over the news of her husband's death.…show more content…
Because of her heart trouble “great care was taken to break to her [the news] as gently as possible” (par 1). Once she was told of the grave news her reaction was different from other women. Rather than having “a paralyzed inability to accept its significance [, she] wept at once, with sudden, wild abandonment” (par 3). She had an over dramatic reaction, almost as if it were fake. Once she got over her first big reaction she went away to her room alone and “she would have no one follow her” (par 5). At that point in the story everyone in the room around her thinks that she is going away to cry, however, she is going to contemplate what her real emotions
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