Lost Colony Roanoke

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“Croatoan”. This word means a many things to historians regarding The Lost Colony of Roanoke. The Investigation of The Lost Colony had continued for a few centuries. With all the different theories of what happened that day no one truly knows of the unsolved mystery. The Lost Colony of Roanoke goes back to the year 1587, when a group of about 115 English settlers of men, women, and Children arrived on Roanoke Island, off the coast of what is now North Carolina. Established a colony on Chesapeake Bay, which was led by John White, an artist and friend of Raleigh. Raleigh was brother Sir Humphrey Gilbert's who financed and organized the charters for him. There are several theories such as, Roanoke people left the settlement or joined the natives,…show more content…
There have been English men before that tried to start the colony of Roanoke before. About a year early, when Sir Francis Drake stopped at after an expedition stayed for about a month and eventually left behind a fort. About a week later two supply ships of England stopped at Roanoke during the time of the Spanish and England war. When one of the Captains left 15 men to stay at Roanoke and control the once abandoned fort. John White arrives at Roanoke little over a year had passed since the 15 men were settled at the fort. What these explorers found was one dead body. It was verified that the man was killed by the Natives. But they decided to put that behind them even though some of the 115 men, women and children were scared they still set up a colony. After a month, John white left and set sail back to England. During this time the theory is that the colonist could not survive due to the fact they did not know how to live of the land. Some died due to disease and hunger and the rest would later, join the local natives to survive bring the homes with them so they could survive in the winter. Due To the fact that there was no bodies and homes found. Also the word “Croatoan” being carved into the tree this would be the most reasonable

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