Lost Colony Of Roanoke Essay

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After its inhabitants disappeared leaving only “Croatan” carved into a post and “Cro” carved on a tree, the mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke has puzzled people for centuries Theories about the lost colony of Roanoke have included everything from disease to an attack from nearby Native Americans, but recent advances in technology made it possible to uncover a cover up on a map. This discovery has brought scientists closer to finding out what happened to the lost colony of Roanoke. Right now it is known that the lost colonists were the third group of English settlers to arrive on Roanoke Island, who settled near the modern town of Manteo. This group arrived in 1587.Entire families came to the colony, so seventeen women and eleven children came…show more content…
Most believe the demise of the colonists was disease or violence, and many researchers think that the colonists broke up into small groups and fled when disaster struck. The most-accepted theory is that there was some kind of catastrophe and the settlers traveled south to Hatteras Island, which was known at the time as Croatan Island, but researchers are beginning to wonder if they went another direction. It is possible that some of the settlers went west to the mouth of the Chowan River to an inlet protected by a tribe that was sympathetic to their plight. The site of a small Native American village called Mettaquem has been found by archaeologists, who believe that its inhabitants may have adopted some of the Europeans. After the patch on the map was discovered, The First Colony Foundation, a foundation that studies early colonization attempts in the New World, suggested that researchers return to the area. However, this time researchers would be armed with technology previous groups did not have such as magnetometers and ground-penetrating radars to aid them in their archaeological search to find what exactly happened to

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