Compare And Contrast The Cranes By Peter Meinke

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Gomez 1 The stories “The Cranes by Peter Meinke and “A story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin explores a diversity of themes and different approach the reader can interpret at the final of each story. The writers have some particular ways of establishing their storyline. Although, Meinke and Chopin are respected writers of short stories, their writing styles and point of view differ. While Meinke maintained a very spontaneous and random view on his story, Chopin has a feminist way of presenting her narrative. Although, there are several differences, there are also certain similarities such as…show more content…
In this classic love story an old couple reminisces about their life, their past memories and their cherish years together. It is easy to admire this couple, as they are elderly and able to enjoy each other company. It seems as though the find pleasure in the simple things, such as being intrigued by two birds; two cranes that happen to be present on this particular day. But, after one dives deeper into the story, it is reveal that this ‘classic’ love story has a darker interpretation of love. Meinke uses the couple observation of these birds in order to introduce the correlation that these cranes share with the couple. He depicts their similarities in that both are rare. At one point the husband says to his wife “I’ve seen enough birds. But whooping cranes, they are rare. Not many left.” (pg 496). This is actually the first connection between the couple and the cranes. The rarely of the cranes symbolizes the couples bond. One can infer that the husband is sick. For example when the wife compares little birds to clown the husband says, “I can use a few clowns, a few laughs never hurt anybody” (pg. 496). The wife proceeds to ask if he is feeling well and he answers “God, no! No way. I can’t smoke, can’t drink martinis, no coffee, no candy. I not only can’t leap buildings in a single bound, I can hardly get up the goddamn stairs.” (pg.496). They reflect on their humorous mishaps; both are able to laugh with one another. Their relationship was truly scarce, one filled with lasting love. Throughout their conversation they are certain details that foreshadow their upcoming suicide. For instance, one of the first clues was the fact that they had brought a shower curtain with them. This odd detail gives off the impression that they were prepared for a possibly messy outcome. Another clue is that the wife says “are you alright? I feel I am

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