Walt Disney Deviance Essay

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Deviance is defined as behavior that is recognized as violating expected rules and norms. It can range from a nominal to a significant offense. To some trying a grape at the grocery store is shoplifting while to others this is acceptable. Deviance is a widely defined occurrence that has variable impacts on a person and those around them. There are many challenges and stigmas associated with deviance. A prime example of a person working through the challenges of deviance was Walt Disney. He filed for bankruptcy after his main client of his new business filed bankruptcy. Disney said he could no longer pay his employees or the rent. As a result he was forced into bankruptcy in 1923 (Walt Disney Biography, n.d.). With bankruptcy comes significant…show more content…
When he declared bankruptcy he was no famous enough for the even to catch people’s attention. This allowed his discretion in the events the occurred and allowed him to succeed in his future. This was a significant benefit to Disney as it allowed him to start fresh without financial burden. He also utilized the avoidance technique by avoiding the issue and moving on. With his brother, they moved to Hollywood from Chicago and started Disney Brothers' Studio. This allowed him to escape and avoid the attention that was garnered by his failed attempt and gave him a fair opportunity to move on with his life. Filing bankruptcy places a stigma of failure and irresponsibility on a person. He was able to avoid this heavy stigma by leaving the area and starting fresh. It avoided much of the risk of exposure by relocating. Lastly, Disney utilized the deviance avowal process by process by self-identifying as deviant and initiated his own labeling process. He did this by moving to a new place and starting fresh. This allowed him to avoid the onlookers who were all too aware of his failed business venture. He was able to start the new business to hide his prior deviance and was able to amass great success. When Disney died at 65 years old in 1966 he was worth five billion U.S. dollars (Walt Disney Net Worth,

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