The Roanoke Colony In James Horn's A Kingdom Strange

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A Kingdom Strange is a narrative of how the first colony was made in America, the book shows in great detail how men and women made their very first primary journey to America with dreams of amounting to great wealth and goods they could sell and trade with other countries. Although the author does not go into detail of the events happening on the island, he gives a great story and the impressive history and background of the Roanoke colony. The author also goes into detail on key point events that happened to force his crewmembers to begin their journey to the new colony. James Horn then tries to show what he thinks happened to his disappeared crewmembers. After being there for a little over a month, John White gets notice that they will not be able to survive much longer without the basic necessities needed due to the fact that they lack in them. White goes back to England to try to find help, but once…show more content…
He also shows the first time the natives meet the English. Horn tries to find out where the English settler started their expedition and where they exactly came from; this would help him know why the people that are on the expedition were chosen, why them out of everyone were specifically chosen to join. Horn then, paints an image of the events from the beginning to when the men, women, and children began their expedition to form a colony in modern day North America. Even though one of the ships that was on the same expedition parted ways on the way to Roanoke, the captain stops the expedition at Roanoke Island and would not let them continue on their journey. The author then realizes almost all of the people assigned to the expedition were either prisoners and brought their families along with them or persons who no longer wanted to be citizens of England and rather look for income and a way of life in

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