The Epic Of The Cid

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THE EPIC OF THE CID AND ITS CONTRIBUTION TO THE FEUDAL SYSTEM A massive change in the west occurred from 800 to 1200. Due to the spirit of the crusades, the west became a centralized kingdom. Prior to becoming a centralized kingdom, it followed the feudal system. The feudal system is best represented in the poem The Epic of the Cid. The Epic of the Cid contributed to the spreading of information during the Middle Ages and the Crusade period. The Epic of the Cid, the main character, the Cid, allows readers to see how life was during that time and how feudalism played a huge role. The epic of the Cid was a nostalgic look back at how the feudal system came into play. Throughout the poem, the feudal system was represented throughout the Crusades…show more content…
The economy during the middle ages was mainly trading goods and materials for wealth depended on how much property and materials one had owned. The economy depended on many goods that were traded from different areas such as the eastern Mediterranean. The transfer of these goods helped provide a wide selection of items to be spread around. Stimulation in the economy occurred when trade expanded to France and Spain. By trading these goods with other countries the economy was able to expand. Because of the transport of other goods had such a huge impact on the people, warfare was another element that contributed to the economy. Many people fought to gain riches for themselves as well as their…show more content…
His knights made out very well, with one hundred silver marks falling to each. Half that sum went to every foot soldier, without exception, while the Cid received a fifth of all the goods.” (The Epic of the Cid, page 16). Everyone involved in the warfare was given a certain amount of money to represent what they had fought for. They each played a role and therefore, the Cid divided up what they have gotten. Not only did this increase the cycling of money, but it also increased Cid’s power. Just like how the feudal system was based on ranking, each social class received certain amount. This showed the separation between those of lower authority and those of higher authority. In order to benefit themselves and stimulate their economy, they had to take over other areas and their goods. The society was categorized into three different categories. There were those who fought, those who worked, and those who prayed. A major influence of the feudal system and economy was the fact that they went to war. When lords and vassals set out for war, they would conquer more land, thus, gaining more power. In order for those to contribute to warfare, they had to continue to fight, just like those who worked simply had to do work. Later on, warfare became very important when it came to capturing the holy land, which was called

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