Al Marfa Case Study

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Chapter One Geographical Background of (Al Marfa) Western Region: An area of about 59,760 km² and constitute 83% of the land area of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. A population of more than 120,000 inhabitants (2015), representing 10% of the total population in the Emirate. The richest areas in the country in terms of oil and gas reserves, and is well renowned agricultural activities and livestock. The region's seven major cities, each of which offers a range of services and opportunities for their populations, and different population density in these seven cities, and the cities are Zayed and Ruwais of the largest cities in terms of population centers. Geographical view of Al Marfa: Al…show more content…
Is a sophisticated hotel you can spend your night in it safely enjoy high hotel services and spacious and the beauty of landscape that overlooks them. As part of the education for visitors to the region, the hotel provides albumin super-sized birds and natural vegetation that grows in the United Arab Emirates in English to allow foreign visitors access to this type of wildlife in the UAE. The shape of this hotel looks like a Falcon, so this form gives the hotel a more aesthetic and to the city also. Al Marfa Beach: The total area of the beach are 11 hectares. Witness Al Marfa Beach high demand from households and families and individuals in the Western Region during the summer months to enjoy the coastal weather distinct offered along with outstanding equipment that Western Region Municipality is keen to provide visitors from different cities of the western region, it is the only outlet for residents of coastal Al Marfa and Madinat Zayed, Liwa, Ghayathi especially with the high temperatures. Annual Western Water Sports Festival in which many races Kite boarding happen, rowing and a standing ovation, Alibwanish sailing, modern race boats and a lot of great events, this festival going on each spring of the

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