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General purpose: How to write a will Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the process of making a will in Virginia and what to avoid while doing so Central idea: To properly make a will you will need a lawyer, you will need two witnesses that are competent, not of interest or involved with the will. The difference between a will (last will and testament) and living will. Lastly, Legal Zoom- why you should avoid it as a whole. At some point in your life you will start to consider hiring an attorney to make you a proper, legal binding will. You do not have to go to an attorney, any mental competent person who is at least eighteen years old can make a will. However, the will may have proof of fraud, duress, or undue influence by…show more content…
The important of a living will is your family, friends, and/or doctors do not have to make hard discussion if you are not competent you will have them listed in the will of what to do in situations. a. A living will is known to be more of a living trust. It is a document that has the preferences regarding what to do if something involved medical care. A living will is a person’s desire regarding medical treatment in any circumstances involving themselves in which they are not able to consent. Unknown. "Estate planning: Wills and trusts." CNN Money 29 May 2015: n. pag. Print. b. Most people who have a living will are people who do not want their children to take care of them if they were not able to take care of themselves anymore. A living will is looked at as almost someone’s “last wishes.” Unknown. "Estate planning: Wills and trusts." CNN Money 29 May 2015: n. pag. Print. B. Many people decided to get a will because they do not want the state to decide who gets their assets, or who will raise their children if they die before they are…show more content…
Dying without a will can be rather “crazy” in a sense, also it is very important to keep the will up to date, people change their minds. A will is a document that should be done with for the purpose of the safety of your money, property, etc. after your death. Unknown. "Estate planning: Wills and trusts." CNN Money 29 May 2015: n. pag. Print. A living will and a will are different in many ways, but serve the same purpose: to grant your wishes while you are living or not. A last will and testament (will) is the distributing of your properties, last wishes and to name the guardians of your children of which are minors to your beneficiaries. A living will is your wishes for health care decisions you have made before you become ill or

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