Racism In Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter How did we allow ourselves to fear the people that serve to protect us? Over the last couple of years, many cases involving racial issues have risen. It is no secret that racism is still relevant to this day and has made such a negative impact in many lives of people of color and their families. Police officers have contributed to the demise of many lives, due to the color of their skin. In recent light, law enforcement has been known for having their officers abuse their power of authority, especially towards those that don’t identify as white. Being a prisoner in your own skin is not a life worth living. Changes need to occur regarding police brutality because innocent lives are being taken due to their race. In Ferguson,…show more content…
When Officer Brian Encinia walked up to Bland’s car, he was unnecessarily aggressive towards her and had improbable cause of arresting her. In the video that was taken by the officer’s car’s dash cam, it shows that the officer escalates the situation once Bland refuses to put out her cigarette. He becomes aggravated when Bland refuses to step out her vehicle and threatens to “yank” her out the car and then adds that he will “light her up,” while pointing to his taser at her unless she compiles with his request. The officer announces that Bland is under arrest. When Bland asks what she is being arrested for, he gives her no response. As the encounter continues, Bland can be heard complaining that Encinia is “About to break [her] wrist,” while Encinia, joined by a female officer at this point, tells her to “stop resisting.” Bland can also be heard, further along in the audio, complaining that the officer slammed her head into the ground. What Bland did only required a ticket, but the officer took her into custody and put her in jail which later led to her death. The cause of death was pronounced as a suicide which has many people to begin questioning the Texas police department. The department in question claims that Sandra Bland died due to hanging herself with a trash bag. The fact that she was put in jail in the first place is what leaves many in disbelief. Bland was treated unfairly and she did not deserve to be holed up in a holding cell for three days. How the officer handled the situation was excessive and unnecessary. Protocol does not require officers to lock someone up due to a turning

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