Essay On Public Space

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I. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, the growth of immigrant’s population of large city housing price is the reason why families living in high rise buildings have been raised over recent decades. Beside the high density and lack of communal spaces, people have always looked for alternative ways to reduce the negative effects on living in high apartments. The most significant factor that can be solved these problems and play a key role to drop down these effects is community space. However, people in modern life have a hard working with stress and do not have enough time for themselves and their neighbor. In addition, public space does not bring the attractive profit of investment so that it is not invested to fulfill in the people’s need. As the result, it…show more content…
Range research: • SPATIAL GEOGRAPHY: apartment relocation TTTB communes at 1, district 4, Ho Chi Minh City. • TIME: in two weeks. 2. Research question and objective, and hypothesis 2.1. Research questions and objectives • What are the main characteristics of current public space of condominium? Objective: To describe and explain the phenomenon, relevant contexts and the characteristics of public space in condominium. • How effective or not has been the public space in providing sufficient social interaction? Objective: To assess the social interaction between individuals or group provide by public space in condominium and the need of inhabitant for public space. • What have been the major constraints to inhabitant involvement in public space? Objective: To explain the major factor determining current level of inhabitant’s involving in public space. • What may be the key elements towards a strategy which satisfy to the needs for citizen greater involvement in public space providing in the vertical building? Objective: To create opportunities and strategies to attractive citizens for public space providing in the vertical building. 2.2.
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