Cryogenic Machining Case Study

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Experimental analysis Cryogenic cooling in CO2 and Performance of TiN Coated Tools in Conventional Milling of AISI D2 Steel Abstract Without coolant in machining it will affect the tool life, dimensional accuracy,cutting temperature,surface roughness and productivity of the product.The experimental work is carriedout in conventional milling under Dry,Wet, and cryogenic cooling CO2 envirnment with AISI D2 Steel with TiN coated insert tool. The main aim of this study is to measured and analyze cutting temp ,cutting force , Surface roughness, tool wear and study of chip morphology.In this experimental study The depth of cut were maintain constant with…show more content…
Cryogenic Milling CO2 The experimental setup for cryogenic milling CO2 for the measurement of cutting forcess and temperature during the cryogenic milling.For measuring cutting forces milling tool dynometer and tool-chip interface tempearture was estemed by 6 channel K-type thermocouple are employed as shown in fig 2a and 2c. Carbon dioxide cylinder connected with the accessories is shown in Figure 2a 2b and 2c. In this method CO2 Cylinder is attached with pressure regulator The regulator used for this purpose consists of two dial indicators, one indicating the cylinder pressure and the other indicating the supply pressure pressure Next to the regulator as shown in fig 2b. A carbon dioxide flow meter is attached, to measure the amount of flow of the carbon dioxide coolant. one end of a rubber hose is connected to the outlet of the flow meter, and the other end to valve for to stop the flow,from the valve nozzle is connected to pointted towards the cutting zone to supply the Cryogenic CO2 while the machining operation is

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