Liposuction Case Study

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Liposuction Baton Rouge At The Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa in Baton Rouge, Dr. Thomas Guillot performs liposuction to remove excess fat located beneath the skin. This procedure is performed using a cannula (hollow tube) and a vacuum. Liposuction is not designed for individuals who are in need of dramatic weight loss; however, it is perfect for those interested in eliminating fat that remains despite continued diet and exercise. The ideal liposuction candidate is active, close to his or her recommended body weight and healthy. Body Areas Commonly Addressed with Liposuction At his facility in Baton Rouge, Dr. Guillot frequently addresses small bulges of fat located on the abdomen, hips, thighs, face and buttocks. Although liposuction is perfect for eliminating bulges of fat in these areas, it is not an effective procedure for the removal of cellulite.…show more content…
Guillot in Baton Rouge When Dr. Guillot performs a tumescent liposuction procedure at his facility in Baton Rouge, he injects the area being treated with a saline solution that contains lidocaine, which is an anesthetic, and epinephrine, a.k.a. adrenaline. When Dr. Guillot injects this solution, the lidocaine numbs the area and the epinephrine contracts the blood vessels. This solution also causes the area to swell and become firm, which makes the fat easier to remove. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of trauma experienced by the area being treated. Following these injections, Dr. Guillot will make small incisions; these incisions allow him to insert the cannula and perform the liposuction procedure with an innovative vacuum that is specifically designed to remove excess

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