The Importance Of Forests

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Abstract Forests are one of the world’s most important valuable natural resources and play a key role in global ecological balance. A forest is an ecosystem. Since forest is so vital for the sustenance of the ecosystem to which we belong, it is becoming very important to understand the state of forest under different scenarios. Land cover is a fundamental variable that affects the ecological system. So here change in land cover and its impact with the climatic changes have to be considered to know more about forest classifications. The forest types are classified from the multi temporal RISAT-1 Horizontal-Horizontal (HH) and Horizontal-Vertical (HV) Polarized Satellite Aperture Radar (SAR) data. The user-friendly package has been developed using ENVI+IDL. 1.Introduction…show more content…
Forests play a major role in maintaining environmental balance on the earth. Land cover change is a geographical feature which may form a reference base for different applications such as forest classifications, biodiversity, climate change, to desertification. The land-use and land-covers are classified as forest land, range land, water bodies and agricultural land. One of the major approaches to deriving land cover information from remotely sensed images is classification. India has a diverse range of forests from the rainforest of Kerala in the south to the alpine pastures of Ladakh in the north, from the deserts of Rajasthan in the west to the evergreen forests in the north-east. Forests are classified according to their nature and composition, the type of climate in which they thrive, and its relationship with the surrounding environment. Climate, soil, type, topography and elevation are the main factors that determine the type of

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