Mqc System Architecture

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Below is the MQC system architecture. Figure 2: MQC system architecture This study indicated that the problems relating to data quality in the data warehouse are resolved through the planning, using evaluation criteria for the data quality, through total data quality management and classification of problems relating to data quality in the data warehouse, evaluating the data warehouse structure regarding the quality and using the instruments for data quality, quality control standards and metadata quality control system. 4. A study was done on a descriptive classification of causes of data quality problems in data warehouse by Singh & Singh (2010:pp41-50). They indicated that data quality is achieved by utilizing data that is comprehensive,…show more content…
A study was conducted by Darko-yawson and Ellingsen (2016: pp243-250) on the subject assessing and improving EHRs data quality through a socio-technical approach. They indicated that Electronic Health Records (EHRs) was implemented in the developing countries with the intention of improving data quality and quality care. They indicate that based on growing body of literature on EHRs, has led to a bad quality of data being recorded which is caused by EHRs being implemented and used in different system for different purposes. This study was conducted in Ghana, Pentecost Hospital-Madina. Pentecost hospital implemented EHRs with the goal of accomplishing data quality and to help improve the record in order to meet the needs of the users. The administrators found the system to be helpful with the improvement of data management at the hospital. Participants indicated the uncertainties regarding the accuracy validations in the local data entries and the retrieval of the patient health information in not yet achieved. There is also an issue with the incomplete records caused by patients not being consistent with regard to their details. The inconsistency is of patients is causing poor confidence on the system. The system currently has false validation due to the inaccuracy of data and the exchanging of information has improved. Some of the participants indicated the challenge with regard the system only supporting the internal sharing and when a patient is transferred to bigger hospital then paper work has to be done and even when the sharing does happen, it is limited based on the privacy reasons. In terms of relevance, the collected data is focusing on achieving quality of care and insurance claims in the hospital but there are no obligations to data

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