Limits In Congress

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Kelsey Lopp David Parker Intro to Government 05 October, 2015 Term Limits for Congress It is a good idea to have term limits because I feel that if we had new representives coming into office more often, then there would be more ideas, and have a more open perspective to the issues that are happening in our country. A lot of the representatives in congress have been in office for so many years, they are getting burnt out and just don't want to lose the benifits of being a part of the congress. An author for PR Newswire stated, "Term limits stimulate political participation by encouraging competition in elections and also spreading power among more members of a legislative branch. They also create legislative bodies that are more responsive…show more content…
"Limiting congressional terms is the only idea that has a fighting chance to break the logrolling, money-soaked, gridlock-fostering politics that is endemic in the capital; sadly, most legislators are professional politicians whose paramount mission is winning re-election, not seriously deliberating the great issues. Term limits would encourage them to ignore some of the weirder passions that regularly overwhelm Congress now."2 In an article from The Dispatch, James Davies, a North Carolina representative said "It is an attempt to change the perception of serving in the Senate and House," Davies said. "We want to go back to when (serving) was to do service to the country instead of making it a career. Incumbents are hard to get out of office. There is no question that experience is valuable, but there are a lot of people in Congress who have become multi-millionaires during their years and have lost touch with their constituents."3 "Judicial independence is important, but so is judicial accountability. Appointing Supreme Court justices to fixed terms would balance the two competing
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