Stanley Milgram Experiment Analysis

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After watching The Stanley Milgram experiment, I learned that some people do horrible things just because they are under an authority. The first man in the video stops in the middle because he hears the man yelling in pain because of the shocks. Even when the scientist tells him to proceed, the man refuses and quits the experiment. There were three other people in the video that administered all 450 volts to the subjects just because the scientist was telling them there would be no harm inflicted on the subjects. There was one subject who already knew of the Stanley Milgram experiment and quit pretty quick. Basically the purpose of the experiment was to prove that some people do bad things if the person in charge is telling them to do it. I thought that the people who actually…show more content…
Literally no one did anything except crowd on the sidewalk. Some people even drove around his body. The old man was crying out in pain and some people barley left the sidewalk. Eventually an ambulance did come, so someone did call 911 at least. But no one even walked up to the poor man to see what condition he was in. He was clearly unable to walk let alone get up, his arms and legs sprawled out on the ground. So basically, no one was nice enough to leave the sidewalk and check on him, so he lay there alone on the road until the ambulance came. My thoughts on this video are that people can be awful. If I saw that old man get hit and see his body get flipped upside down, I would try my best to go check on him. I realize the street was busy I mean that’s how he got hit in the first place, but you can at least have some human decency. I think I saw someone take a picture but I can’t be sure, but he barely left the sidewalk. I would have called an ambulance and checked on the man. I believe if at least one person would have walked up to the man, others would have followed just like in the Bystander effect

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