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The affluence of Lil Wayne ‘s music was apparent in the teaching life of David Ramsey. David was a novice teacher in New Orleans in 2007; he could be considered almost the exact opposite of audience. He wasn’t from New Orleans and his class mainly consisted of black children, from low income. To connect with his students and effectively teach them, he needed to assimilate with their culture. The keynote for him to connect to his students was through the music of rap artist, Lil Wayne. Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter originated from New Orleans, considerably the greatest rapper ever to come out of that city. Furthermore, every single student of Ramsey knew Lil Wayne’s music all to well, his entire class could sing in unison verses upon verses.…show more content…
The way people operated daily would reflect in Wayne’s songs, you could trace the mentality of Lil Wayne back to New Orleans. When David wrote about one of his students being shot and talking to that person in the hospital, he used a Lil Wayne verse as a headline ‘’Ain’t ‘bout to pick today to start running.” This perfectly reflects the situation that had occurred with the injured student. Ramsey even as far as use a New Yorker piece on Lil Wayne to motivated a student to do better in school. David embraces the students as much as he embraces the music. As he really grown to understand the lyrics of Lil Wayne he seemed to simultaneously grow the relationship with his classes; knowing the suffrage of the people after Hurricane Katrina he did his best handle the attitudes and responses. Lil Wayne ‘s response to on dedicating a track to the tragedy could be the epitome for the people of New Orleans perspective about the Hurricane Katrina. All in all, to see how joyous the students are at the end of year singing the song “La La La” and David joining, expressing the sense of

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