Drake Influence On Rap Music

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Many works of art are heavily influenced by the artist’s personal experience, events, people, or even movements. In the rap game, this ideology is especially true. Rap artists let their past experiences bleed into their lyrics in order to create relatable and soulful tracks. Not only does the the audience get another song to add to their playlist, but they also get a peek of artist’s life and their viewpoint on many of life’s topics. Although there are rap artists that concern themselves only with disregarding women and acquiring money, there are those that tackle real problems and reveal more of themselves to their fans through lyrics. Drake does this exceptionally well in his track Fireworks, with many of his earlier works covering topics such as family issues, love, and economic struggles. For his…show more content…
Drake’s style of music let’s fans dive into the artist’s mind as he divulges his personal opinions and life experiences. Undoubtedly, Drake has many influences when penning down his lyrics that are reflected in his work. In the first verse, Drake tackles problems and worries he has due to his success as well as paying respect to few other artists. In the line, “from the concrete who knew that a flower would grow” (line 3), Drake clearly paid homage to deceased highly acclaimed rapper Tupac’s poem, “The rose that grew from concrete.” He mentions rap artist Lil Wayne and how he hopes that his rising fame will not interfere with their relationship. Lil Wayne saw potential in the upcoming artist’s music and consigned him to his Young Money Entertainment label, bringing popularity and essentially making Drake the hit he is today. For that reason, Drake cherishes his

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