Comparing Araby And The Devout Communicant

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Araby a short story by James Joyce about a preteen boy living in Ireland during a difficult time for the Irish. As the boy introduced the reader to his surrounding it becomes clear that he does not like living where he is living. The tone is dark and mundane. He informs the readers of the previous tenant of his house, the tenant happens to be the local priest who has recently passed away. From what he describes about the house and its possessions we come to the conclusion that the priest was not as pious as he might of led on. Among the priest’s possessions are The Abbot by Walter Scott and The Devout Communicant, which are books that should not be owned by a priest. As the boy describes a market outing with his aunt the reader is given…show more content…
With all the troubles surrounding the boy he manages to find some light in his life; this light is his friend Mangan’s sister. Although he has never spoken to her, she is only person to get any excitement out of him. He keeps watching her front in hopes of a chance to run into her. Unfortunately, because he has never spoken to her, it is clear that he is in love with the idea. However, one day she talks to him and asks him if he is going to the Araby. He somehow tells her he is going and will bring something back for her. When he goes home and informs his aunt she is taken aback, which gives the reader some insight to his character; because his aunt is confused the reader sees how uncharacteristic of the boy it is to want to go to a bazaar. It also allows the reader to know that he really want to impress the girl next door. “The syllables of the word Araby were called to me through the silence in which my soul luxuriated and cast and Eastern enchantment over” (156). He becomes excited to see all the interesting and exotic

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