A Successful Program

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What type of building blocks are needed in order to build a successful program? There are many ways of building a successful program, but what are the right ways of doing so? How do you determine a successful program? Is it by the wins and losses or is it by the number of athletes making it to the next level? A successful program is building a solid foundation with a philosophy that the head coach feels will fit into his system. He/she need to know where they are going and believe that they will reach that outcome. Keys to fill the philosophy will be communication, recruiting staff members and athletes in to the program, and leadership. Organization Communication as we all know is vital in any program. The head coach will be key to communication…show more content…
The player handbook will cover team policies and expectations, team and practice rules, athletic department policies, academic services and policies, strength and conditioning program, practice and game schedules and procedures, and playing time. The handbook will also include signatures for the athlete and parent to sign and date. Also, information that is needed to contact both the parent and athlete. Other ways of communication is holding a parent meeting at the beginning of the season to discuss everything that is in the student handbook and cover the yearly schedule that the coach has prepared. Discussions on the team goals (short and long), where the program is headed and the support that is needed. Parents should be able to come with questions that they have for the coach and coaches should be ready to answer them in full detail. Being able to keep the communication line open between coaches, athletes, and parents will help build a strong…show more content…
Creating a bulletin board in the locker room or one in the school gymnasium that is visible enough for all to see. Other ways of communication can be building posters to post game schedules within the school campus or community. Having your student-athletes invite their classmates and even their teachers to come out and support the team at home matches. Coaches can allow a one day practice to dedicate that particular day to all the teachers of your student-athletes to come out and meet the team. Have the athletes invite their teachers to join them for a fun day of meeting the team and allowing their teachers to see what their students do when they are out of school and competing in sports. This will allow the teachers to be involved with the

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