Perfectionism In The Squiggle Game, And Through The Forest

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“Perfection is annihilation, it paralyzes us from working from the heart. Humans by nature are not perfect and imperfections are what make the world beautiful.” -Anonymous Perfectionism is strongly prevalent in all of the works of Ali Noel; “The Squibs,” “The Squiggle Game,” and “Trippin’ Through the Forest.” In all three of these texts there is either direct proof or a hidden reference to striving for excellence, but also the sense of not wanting to leave behind comfort and familiarity. Through the employment of the psychological method of analysis, the elements of perfectionism will be used to infer that while it can be positive, attempting to strategically control every facet of life can ultimately hold someone back from truly striving towards greatness.…show more content…
One example of this would be her views on family. She explains that she “intends to get a doctorate degree” and has always pondered when the “optimum time” to start a family would be (Squib 1). This intellectualization of family is a strong symbol of an attempt to control her surroundings to the smallest details. Even while defending and explaining her beliefs of what makes a family, the narrator insinuates that she will even be able to, in a sense, control the child (should she adopt one as she planned) by means of “love, care, attention, and guidance” (Squib 1). While this is not necessarily a negative thing, it is definitely a signifier of how deeply the narrator’s perfectionistic tendencies affect her decision making and projected paths in

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