Veterinary Technician Research Paper

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It is clear to me that many people choosing to get their bachelor’s degree in veterinary science are intending on becoming veterinarians one day. I was among these people until last year when I chose to follow a different path. When I graduate from the University of Arizona, I plan on attending Pima Community College and becoming a certified veterinary technician rather than a veterinarian. My change of heart came after I had job shadowed a few veterinarians and had talked to many recent graduates. I found myself becoming more and more disinterested with the career itself because of the high stress levels and the lack of time to spend with family. However, the veterinary technicians that I spoke to while shadowing loved their job positions and every aspect of what they do. I was immediately interested in becoming a technician because of the animal husbandry aspect, the ability to handle animals directly rather than just diagnosis and treatment, and the ability to have time to spend with family and friends.…show more content…
Instead, only a “2-year associate’s degree from an accredited school” (Field) is required to become a certified technician. Certification, however, is mostly dependent on the state that one wishes to pursue a career in. For instance, in Arizona “a certified veterinary technician is one who has passed the National exam (VTNE) and Arizona State exam, has been approved by the Board, and has paid the issuance fee (Licensing). Field also recommends that new veterinary technicians volunteer at shelters or clinics to gain as much experience as

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