The Federalists Arguments In Strong Support Of The Constitution

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The Federalists papers consisted of 85 essays, which argued in strong support of the Constitution. The first Federalist essay was written for The Independent Journal in October 1787. Within a month, the Constitutional Convention presented the U.S. Constitution to the states for approval. The next six months, the next 84 essays were continuously published in New York newspapers. Later, the essays were composed into a single volume with the title, The Federalist. The title is perfect because the federalists were the people that strongly supported the U.S constitution. Our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote this volume. The Federalist papers were considered to be one of the most important expressions of American political beliefs to this date.…show more content…
The essays not only presented historical arguments and hypothetical theory about the nature of individuals and government, but also showed strong evaluations of the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation. The overall purpose of the essays was to persuade the people that a more vigorous and stronger centralized government would be more defending of their freedom. The European philosophers inducing the statement of political philosophy in The Federalist included John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Montesquieu, and Thomas Hobbes. These philosophers thought in terms of natural rights, and portrayed the forms of government best suited to protect these rights. They recognized that an individual's desire towards self-defense, liberty, and egotism would primarily come into conflict with the challenging needs of other individuals. Therefore, the best form of government balanced the egotistical needs of the individual with the need to protect the whole

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